The Squirrels will always win

I spent years planting tulips while the squirrels perched in the trees above, watched and waited for the right moment to feast on their favourite bulbs. If they missed a tulip, they would eat it early spring. I tried digging the bulbs deeper than suggested. I used bone meal. I put human hair cuttings over the soil. And still the squirrels outsmarted me. As a lazy gardener, I also tried species tulips which have much smaller bulbs and spread on their own. Still no luck. So the past few years I have planted daffodils and narcissus. The squirrels don’t like them. Each year I add a few different varieties, and admire the assortment of sizes, colours and flower shapes. I am now a big fan of the daffodil. They are such happy plants and bring a smile to my face. And the squirrels now concentrate on getting into the birdfeeders.IMG_3471

Daffodils greet you as you walk to the front door

Daffodils greet you as you walk to the front door

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