Slug it to the Hostas

July 4, 2015

I love Hostas because they are so accommodating, interesting and they share. There is a size and colour to fit in the smallest and the largest gardens. And they are tough. Nothing thrived under our water-sucking Corkscrew Willow – not even hardy Vinca or Creeping Jenny – until we planted Hostas. As you can see from the photo, there are many different varieties, sizes and shapes that get along with not just one another, but with the dominating Willow. Many of these started as pieces of other Hostas thriving throughout the rest of garden. Yet tough as they are, the succumb to the tiny slug and at this time of year, many Hostas resemble Swiss cheese more than plants. Our book, Gardening from a Hammock, guides you to specific varieties that don’t seem to be eaten despite their proximity to slugs. Our gardeners suggest we look for Hostas that have waxy leaves, thick leaves, corrugated leaves which make snacking more difficult for slugs.

Garden June 6, 2015 Sum and Substance

Notice  how the large Hosta in the background, Sum and Substance, glows in the shade bed.

Garden June 6, 2015  Sum and Substance

This closer view of the Sum and Substance Hosta illustrates how its thick textured leaves protects it against slugs.

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