Thoughts of Spring


In one month it will be spring and despite the snow and cold, (and perhaps with the help of a glass of wine) I can visualize the early bulbs poking up and the forsythia glowing with yellow flowers, and the hellebores coming to life. I don’t think of all the dog droppings to pick up, or broken branches to prune or the tidying up I didn’t do in the fall. That will wait.

Daydreaming brings me along in time, to summer and here’s where those wonderful seed catalogues come handy. Although planting seeds inside and watching them grow brings joy and anticipation, if you are a low-maintenance gardener, you may only want to look at the photos. Consider though, that there are lots of seeds you can simply scatter in gently prepared soil outside once the weather warms the earth. At Renee’s Garden (, you can check out its Easy to Grow Seed Collection online. Order, receive seeds, and then anytime in the spring – or even early summer if you misplace the envelopes – scatter the seeds in a container, or on the ground, and enjoy fresh herbs or annuals.

Another website we love is Savvy Gardening (by four women, including our talented Canadian friends Tara Nolan and Niki Jabbour. Their website ( provides excellent information on starting seeds.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts of Spring

    • Hello Quentin
      Thank you for the kind words about our website. Have to concur that midlife is all about change and exploration. One of my favourite things to do is garden happily but not obsessively. That’s why these recommended plants work so well – they thrive on benign neglect once they are properly rooted. Enjoy seeing how you are exploring the next stage of life.

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