First week of spring

Below is a photo of  our squirrel-proof bird feeder which teaches us that there are  no guarantees in the garden. We may as well be relaxed because plants we don’t recognize will pop up, others we will have lost in our freeze and thaw of a winter.

I am getting restless watching the days lengthen, the sunshine and birds returning. I want to get into the garden and plant or dig or seed. Yet I know it is too early, and patience is required. Other than watch squirrels eat our birdseed, one thing we can do now is to prune our Japanese Maples. While the branches are bare, or almost bare, we can see their shapes  and the form of the tree as a whole and gently prune it to our liking. Why we do it now is that we want to prune before the sap begins to wake up and circulate through the branches.

Spring reminds us all to wake up after our long gardening hibernation. Time to take stock and think about the coming season.  In Mid Life kindly mentioned Gardening from a Hammock in his blog on how to make gardening easier. I hope this helps — and watch out for squirrels.