Just ’cause it doesn’t look like we shouldn’t be planting…

                                                      Only 22 days and 22 hours until spring

…..doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t — or couldn’t — be starting our seeds. There is another snow storm today. It has been snowing for the past 6 hours and it is beautiful.

But I have to admit that I am impatient for green and growth, and that usually does not bode well. Too often my seedling transplants have been leggy and overgrown and have either perished indoors while the ground was  still frozen, or flopped shortly after planting outside.

I know better. But I have a hard time doing better. Seedy Saturday at the Toronto Botanical Garden didn’t help. I came home with some beautiful soil, a number of seeds, and the irresistible urge to plant something. Anything.

I capitulated and ended up sowing some sunflower sprouts (above, which already are starting to sprout in the past four days) and some ground cherries. Last year I had a hard time finding seeds so was thrilled to find them this year. And with the best of intentions I have started to record the seed plantings in the Toronto Gardener’s Journal which sisters Helen and Sarah Battersby now have updated with Margaret Bennet-Alder. If you are like me, with pre-spring fever, check out the Savvy Gardeners website and note what vegetables they recommend for planting right now. Or perhaps, if you have more will power, perhaps give it another couple of weeks.


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