Maidenhair Fern

I have almost killed our butterfly bush many times by cutting it back too much and at the wrong time, pruning it improperly and not watering it. Yet it continually forgives and survives my mistreatment, blooming its heart out with striking, bold, blue-purple flowers from mid to late July until the first frost. It fills the garden with butterflies and other busy pollinators. I now leave it alone most of the time, except for admiring it from afar. It’s much safer that way.

Photo © Alan Lagadu, iStock

Master gardener Merle Burston, one of our wonderful gardeners featured in Gardening from a Hammock, raves about the ‘Potter’s Purple’ butterfly bush or Buddleia davidii. She likes it not only for its appealing flower, but also for the fact that it attracts the Monarch butterfly to the garden. Buddleias provide food for the butterfly during its migration.

This shrub grows tall, up to 1.2 metres high and 1 metre wide in zones four to nine. It boasts deep purple flowers. ‘Potter’s Purple’ has a rounded habit and large, dark green leaves. It is doubly appreciated as its blooms arrive just as many other plants in the garden are spent. As well, it is fragrant and provides dramatic cut flowers.

Ideally you would grow it in full sun, but it can handle partial sun, as well. Start it in moist, well-drained soil and the plant will become moderately drought tolerant once established. It is recommended to cut all the old wood back to about 30 cm in the spring to get a more compact plant. Don’t worry, it will grow back quickly by late summer.

‘Potter’s Purple’ butterfly bush is one of the star plants selected by 17 expert gardeners in Gardening from a Hammock by Ellen Novack and Dan Cooper. Gardening from a Hammock is an easy-to-use book describing how to create a fabulous, four-season garden using low-maintenance plants. It’s loaded with tips and has a botanical reference guide.



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