The Blanket flower

Orange is currently a hot colour: orange jeans, tops, shoes and coats—bold, cheerful and friendly. That defines the orange in Gaillardia ‘Oranges and Lemons’.

Also known as blanket flowers, they are super-tough, perfect for benign neglect in heat and drought, and will tolerate poor soil. The daisy-like, tangerine-orange flowers call out for attention with their yellow serrated tips. Downy green leaves have a hairy texture. One of the most valuable features of this cheery plant is its long bloom, from early summer to late fall.

Blanket flowers make a vibrant cut flower. They attract butterflies and can be used in meadow gardens, massed in a border or as an accent. Photo courtesy of Heritage Perennials.

Dugald Cameron, owner of, selected the variety ‘Oranges and Lemons’ as one of his plant choices for the sun in Gardening from a Hammock. This plant provides a show of up to 75 extra-large, yellow-tipped, soft orange blossoms from midsummer on, he explains. If you do a little deadheading, Dugald predicts, they will bloom into the fall. This is a prairie native workhorse that thrives in poor, well-drained soil in the baking sun.

‘Oranges and Lemons’ grow 40 to 45 cm high and spread 30 to 45 cm in zones 4 to 9.  Other varieties come in warm colours of red, orange and gold and may be slightly smaller or larger.

Gaillardia ‘Oranges and Lemons’ is one of the star plants selected by 17 expert gardeners in Gardening from a Hammock by Ellen Novack and Dan Cooper. Gardening from a Hammock is an easy-to-use book describing how to create a fabulous, four-season garden using low-maintenance plants. It’s loaded with tips and has a botanical reference guide.


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