Dugald Cameron

Check out Dugald Cameron’s choices for The Bold Garden on page 13 of Gardening from a Hammock.
Dugald  started Gardenimport because he couldn’t find the quality or selection of bulbs and plants he wanted for our gardens. He has brought that pedigree of plant to us, whether it be a specimen, bulb, perennial or seed. For him, it is all about quality.  His choices all have a little something special, whether it is a new variety, extra-long blooming habits, double blooms, colourful creepers, or foliage that changes colour from summer to fall.
Tulipa dasystemon (tarda)

Tulipa dasystemon (tarda) Photo courtesy of Bulb Co

Gardening from a Hammock

“I like change in plants,” Dugald says. “Plants should be changing all the time. The spring garden is very different than the fall one.”

Dugald Cameron runs  Gardenimport.com ,  an online and mail-order perennial specialist company. He can be reached at flower@ gardenimport.com. Check out the gorgeous and unusual plants on his website  Gardenimport.com.

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