Katy Anderson

Discover  A Trough Garden  on  page 27 in Gardening from a Hammock and find out how to have a garden anywhere.

A trough is an interesting way to display small flowers as it mirrors a tiny garden. Katy Anderson explains that initially people started using water troughs from farms, but now troughs are made from a variety of materials.

In her backyard, Katy Anderson shows us her troughs mid-December - She is generous about sharing her vast knowledge of choosing which plants work well together to provide balance and drama

Troughs come in all sizes and weights. They can be placed off the ground on tables, chairs and stands and are ideal for an aging population who can tend them without bending over or for those in wheelchairs to enjoy.

Master Gardener Katy Anderson is the former president of the Ontario Rock Garden and Hardy Plant Society. To find out more about plants for troughs and rock gardens, contact http://www.onrockgarden.com.

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