Kim Price

For those of us with city gardens and small lots,  Kim’s A Small, Urban Garden in Purple, Yellow and Cream  on page 31 in Gardening from a Hammock is a definite must.  Landscape designer Kim Price  puts a lot of large plants, trees, shrubs, vines, perennials in small spaces with big results.  “In a small garden, people should not shy away from big gestures. Bold, oversized elements contrast nicely with delicate plants,” she explains.

Gardening from a Hammock

The purple iris - one of Kim's favourites

In her interviews for Gardening from a Hammock, Kim chose one main colour, purple, and two secondary softer ones, yellow and cream, to work with it. All her plant choices reflect those colours keeping a soft, continuous palette throughout the garden, providing a relaxed environment.

Master Gardener Kim Price, award-winning designer of Kim Price Landscape Design Inc., specializes in the urban garden. You can reach her at

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