Martin Galloway

Martin Galloway’s A Naturalist’s Garden  can be found on page 51 in Gardening from a Hammock. Martin intertwines information about plants, insects, microbes, soil, water and the natural world so we understand how everything is related.

“I am really interested in all plants, because of all the other life forms they attract. I have no lineup of good and bad guys. I like to see all the weird things happening, the unusual ways to meet and greet, how they defend themselves, the on-going competition among creatures. I like to see them in action,” Martin Galloway explains.

One of the many things we recommend looking at in his chapter filled with his choices, ideas and philosophies, is his all-sedum lawn.

Sedum photo courtesy of Martin Galloway

Teacher, lecturer and botanist Martin Galloway has a nursery in Uxbridge, Ontario. To read about him, his talks and his plants, google ‘Chalk Lake Greenhouses’, which specializes in perennials, native and herbaceous plants.

2 thoughts on “Martin Galloway

  1. I watch you on the Knowledge Network here in B.C. You are a most delightful and entertaining and, dare I say, loving host on The Secret World of Gardens. I simply love the sound of your voice and the clear and creative ways in which you explain things. You make everything sound interesting and you are a pleasure to hear and watch. Thanks for what you give to us.

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