The Photographers

Special Thank You to our Photo Suppliers

We would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for generously allowing us to use their photos in this book. Without them you would not be able to enjoy fully the beauty of the plants that have been recommended by our experts.

Aldona Sattherthwaite, executive director,  Toronto Botanical Garden,

Bailey Nurseries, Inc.

Dugald Cameron, Garden Import,

Connon Nurseries

Dan Cooper, Master Gardener and photographer,

Marilyn Cornwell, artist and photographer,

Belinda Gallagher, Hooked on Horticulture,

Heritage Perennials

Marion Jarvie

Jim Lounsberry, Vineland Nurseries,

Jeff Mason, Mason House Gardens,

Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center

Northscaping Inc., an Internet resource and community for landscapers and gardeners living in northern North America,

Gardening from a Hammock

Euonymus photo by Tanya Storr

Ellen Novack, writer

Perennial Resource

Pine Knot Farms

Proven Winners

Sheridan Nurseries

Tanya Storr, photographer on Quadra Island

Walter Blonski, photographer

Wikimedia Commons

Paul Zammit, Director of Horticulture, Toronto Botanical Garden

Please check our honour roll for easy access to everyone’s websites and links.  Note that all photographs are property of the photographers and/or Gardening from a Hammock and no copies can be made without written permission.

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