Online Virtual Talks

Gardening from a Hammock

Learn how to make your garden work for you

Master Gardener Dan Cooper is now offering virtual, online garden presentations to horticultural societies and garden clubs across Canada and in the northern US states. Contact Dan at to find out how he can make your next meeting extra special online on Zoom.

Dan’s Gardening from a Hammock presentation will help you get organized by highlighting top choices of low-maintenance plants that keep working when we don’t.  In his colourful, educational talk, Dan shares the tips and favourite plants of 17 talented gardeners, designers and horticulture experts with details on why they chose certain plants, how to work the soil, watering techniques, and how to get the maximum benefit from your choices. Essentially, how to garden smart so it’s not work and you can find time to enjoy your garden and the hammock.

Dan will delight you with gardening tales and show you some of the easy-care stars of the plant world.

Happy gardening,


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