What’s in this for you?

What can you find in this book that will help or interest you?

Where to begin!

You can discover workhorse plants, plants that have multi-functions in terms of interest, beauty and hardiness. You can learn from experts about how to combine plants to get blooms and special features throughout the year, including winter. They give you tips based on decades of working in the garden, so you may have a low-maintenance garden.

Photo from Kim Price's garden   Photo by Kim Price

Photo from Kim Price's garden Photo by Kim Price

Understanding biolgoical processes and working with nature can significantly reduce the amount of work you need to put into your garden.

Leading gardeners share their years of experience and knowledge, but best of all, their love of gardening and the magic of each plant selected.

See what we offer in the attached Table of Contents from Gardening from a Hammock:

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