Who is this book for?

Gardening from a Hammock  is for those of us who love to garden, but have neither the time, knowledge nor energy to do much about it. This book is for those of us who, try as we may, can’t quite get the perennials to bloom in sequence, and don’t quite get around to figuring out what plants work for  winter interest.  It  is for those of us who, despite our best intentions to water, weed, prune and divide, don’t.

It is also for those who love to garden, who scoff at us lazy gardeners, and who want some tips from experts who share their passion and energy in the garden. It is for those who can use the botanical reference guide, mix and match plants and come up with exciting and different plant combinations.

A glimpse of Lorraine Flanigan's "onesy-twosy" garden - texture upon texture

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